Sunday, January 10, 2010

Pardon the Interruption

Its been a long time. I havent forgot about this place but just getting ready for a new, glitzier place!

Its time for a 2010 makeover. I think I need it.

Help yourself to some chocolates. Courtesy of Roni Sue and Liddabit Sweets. Stay tuned! It will be worth it, scouts honor.

Monday, December 7, 2009

Earl of Sandwich

Im breaking all the rules.

Im going to talk about our old friend, Thanksgiving. If you work in the retail marketing world, it is THAT holiday that you curse with a vengeance. Black Friday and Cyber Monday... I hope you stay in your graves!

You can argue its a complete faux paux, but Im not over it just yet. I know youre screaming "Christine! We're on the Christmas bandwagon now! What is this turkey you speak of? Who are these cranberries?"

Well, hold on one sec. While there is this whole love/hate relationship with me and Thanksgiving, there is one thing I sing sweet words to and am completely engulfed in at first sight. Let me tell you a little something known as the post thanksgiving sandwich. A joyous marriage of stuffing, cranberry relish, sharp cheddar, lettuce and turkey on a toasted multigrain. This sandwich is no ordinary sandwich.

It's franchise worthy where it deserves a prime spot on the Panera's menu. Make it, the 2nd Avenue Deli menu. Although... pastrami is up there, but thats a whole other story. With a side of iced tea, I was a happy woman.

Tuesday, November 24, 2009

The burger that has changed my life

If I named you the burger that changed my life, you must have really hit the mark high on Christine standards.

I love burgers. But, its not something I get all the time at a restaurant. For me, I order burgers bases on two premises; one, the spot's menu is comprised about 60% burgers and two, the name of restaurant has the word burger in it (Burger King... you did not make the cut. Sorry).

As for New Yorkers, we have one place that we hold dear in our hearts that blows the rest of the burger places out of the waters. You know who you are. My dear, Shake Shack... You are the winner and you know it.

My usual is a shack burger, cheese fries and a black/white milkshake.
Dont call it that.
Its clear, cut bliss.
And, some measly calories. No biggie.

I have never gotten the custard. Curse me! I should be punished in the corner!
Do give it a shot. The masses have sworn by it.

Sunday, November 22, 2009

King of the world

Sometimes, pictures speak louder than words.
This one can hold its own in any stage.

Let's have it. The great king crab.
Paired with shallot garlic noodles.

For such a strange looking crustacean, you clean up quite nice.

Wednesday, November 11, 2009

Duck Tales


What thoughts come to your head when you hear that 4 letter word?
Some would think its a pretentious bird and that anyone with a right mind would curse such things as foie gras and duck fat fries. Why dont you just go back to the land of the French to make things easier.
Well, hush those heinous thoughts!
Im a lover of the bird.
There comes a time and a place where duck is always the food of choice.

You know what I mean.

Its one of those great back ups. Where you find yourself at a restaurant not knowing what to get after perusing through the whole menu about 3 times. Make it 4. You really are trying your hardest to find something. Then, the handy waiter/waitress comes over to save the day with the specials of the day.

"So, the house specials tonight are... Chicken blah blah blah."
"Butternut squash soup..."
"Drabbbbbbb..." (Although I do love you, butternut. Im not turning my back on you. I promise)
And then finally, the answer you were looking for....
"We have a duck confit with..."
"Yes, say no more! The duck confit it is!"

My point is... duck is the poultry I just cant say no to. Its just not going to happen.

While I had no duck confit this weekend, I was happy enough to be served by my mom with a little homemade duck goodness. The duck Im talking about is the Peking duck, an all star in Chinese cuisine.

Traditionally, the duck is sliced and served with thin cucumber strands, scallions, hoisin sauce all on a white, fluffly bun. Do I hear McDonalds Dollar menu???

If sandwiches could only be like this everyday. Lets keep dreaming. Maybe when the banh mi storm dies down. Give it 3 more years and Ill see this in the lunch box.

Saturday, October 24, 2009

To sin or not to sin...

You know what Im talking about. You know where Im going with this.

I live by it.
Ive walked by it.
Ive seen it.
Ive read numerous boasting reviews and experiences bloggers have had at the 12 seat gem.
But... Ive never made it there once. Many failed attempts and not one, measly time!

Although I can only blame myself for such a crime, its T-F 9am to 3am sure doesnt help. Shopsins... you push me into this little corner and you force me to do some things that can take a bite at my professional career (what about marketing career? I didnt hear a thing). With food, there is always a way.. And that way, was the personal day way.

What you need to know about Shopsin is that...
Its a place where you find your dream food meal.
Was there ever a time you wanted eggs, bacon and some sausage but at the same moment you wished you could also get the french toast with that lovely fruit compote? Yes, we have all been there and we have wish we could just get both in a meal. Meals like you have in Disneyland where you can get anything you want without anyone asking any questions. And now there is. You can have your french toast, eggs and bacon wrapped in some kind of sandwich form and it doesnt come in Mickey Mouse shapes!

My best gal Juanita decided to participate in the Shopsin experience. She was a proud customer of the French Toast sandwich with eggs and bacon. Amen!

Look! It's Kenny in the back! And if you dont know Kenny, then thats a poor mistake. Get to know him some more over on Conan Obrien.

We managed to uncover the holy grail while at Shopsin. Yes, IT IS that colorful. About 38572384104901 options to choose from. I wish I had a wheel of fortune wheel to help out with this part.

Happiness comes in many forms. This was version 1.0 of it. Chorizo and eggs; you have my heart. The home fries were not far behind.

Ill take another personal day.

Sunday, October 18, 2009

Hail thee Bourdain

There is one thing that most people know about me. Im my own beat. That being a broken chord or some intense, metal solo, I feel like there isnt a replica of me out there. Or, hope there isnt because one, thats creepy and two, Im not follow or mimic worthy. Ive even been coined... "Thats so Christine" by many, and I laugh at it knowing that Im a definition in someone's vocabulary. That the term "Thats so Christine" could be a reference to sweater vests, eating peanut butter, 80s music, ginger beer, asian fury and many other gimmicky things.

But, one thing I definitely do not have a mind of my own is my love for Mr. Bourdain. Whatever Anthony Bourdain says, Christine will do. Whatever Anthony Bourdain wants, I probably want too. And, if Anthony Bourdain wants me to jump off a bridge, Im most definitely not jumping off any bridge. The point is... the man is an influential one and I had a chance to hear him speak at the NYC Food and Wine festival with one of the city's favorite chefs; David Chang.

Right off the bat, Bourdain was honest and truthful. He was no bad boy chef that everyone made him out to be. He's just verbal and he just doesnt agree with Rachel Ray or Paula Deen. Hey, its okay. Only so many people can be fans of donut hamburgers.

The talk was one of many laughs, curses and attacks. What it is to be in the culinary world! Ahhh.. More than ever, I need to open up my business. Whatever it is, I need to open it. Truck, bar, chain restaurant (I dont mean that), shop... Im all for it. Who's in for being my employee? Im paying minimum wage!